What to Know Before Buying a COVID-19 Face Mask?

Ever since the nationwide lockdown was announced by the Indian Government, India embraced the use of masks as the attire of daily life. No sooner than later, the government also declared masks as an integral part of everyone’s life (at least until COVID-19 remains as a reality). That made it compulsory for every citizen to choose this personal protection equipment as a mode of protection against coronavirus.

So, this means that Indian townsfolk who did not have masks required buying them. Each online store has been taking the best precautions and maintaining hygiene in dispatching and delivering each Covid-19 face mask online in India. If you want to buy one, here are the factors that will help you select the right face mask to stay healthy and protected.

  1. Number of Plys included

The 3-play facial mask has become a sought-after tool to stay protected during this COVID-19 pandemic. In a scenario when many brands are offering surgical masks, ensuring the quality becomes most fundamental for you. The 3-layer masks consist of three things:

  • An outer non-woven hydrophobic layer which is translucent)
  • A melt-blown layer which is white
  • An inner soft non-woven absorbent layer which can be green, white, or blue

While surgical masks are not washable, they are best for one-time use. On the contrary, the N-95 mask can also be a perfect fit for regular wear. Other COVID-19 face mask options include non-filer and filtered cloth masks. You can buy these Covid-19 masks in bulk as well.

  • Whether or Not the Mask is Washable and Reusable

In a world where the fear of coronavirus is giving everyone minor panic attacks, how many times can a mask get used? The answer to this question is not straightforward. While surgical masks are nowhere to be used for more than once or twice, if the layers are shaped intact, one can keep it in a pouch for the next use. It is not the right idea to wash a surgical mask and then wear it. On the contrary, the N-95 is the type of Covid-19 face mask with filter. But when you use it, make sure you do not wash the filter.

  • Types

As already discussed, there are three types of masks:

  • Cloth Masks (filtered and non-filtered one)
  • Surgical Masks
  • N-95 Masks
  • The Durability of the Side Strings

The side strings in the mask should be durable and strong. Holding the mask firm is the job of the side strings. Ensure that the chosen Covid-19 face mask for sale in India comprises strong and durable side strings to ensure the ultimate protection.

  • Filtered or Non-Filtered

You can get filtered and non-filtered masks in the market. The best example of a filtered mask is the N-95 mask. These masks have a filter that prevents viruses and bacteria from entering. You can also get non-filtered masks, and surgical masks are the best example of it. These masks are not reusable.

If you have decided to buy a face mask in bulk, it will be a beneficial move. But, you should ensure maintaining proper hygiene and use the masks only after sanitizing yourself properly.