An Overview to the Best N-95 Masks and Its Benefits

A few months after coronavirus emerged in Indian cities, masks got included as an integral part for people when stepping out of the house for emergency purposes. It is true that the nationwide lockdown could not stem the spread of the disease. While the pandemic is here to stay, wearing a mask thus becomes fundamental whenever you are outside.

But, not all masks can safeguard you from the rapid emergence of the epidemic. To speak in brief, N95 masks are considered as one of the convenient examples of PPE that can protect you from the airborne particles and liquid, which can contaminate the face. Masks, N95 masks, for instance, have now become the new regular equipment in the new normal world. But, there are specific reasons why you should buy N-95 mask in bulk.

  • A range of asymptomatic carriers of coronavirus can spread the disease more rapidly
  • Wearing a mask apparently means reducing the risk of getting infected

Why Should You Choose N-95 Masks?

Respiratory viruses, including coronavirus, mainly target the upper & lower respiratory tracts. Therefore, protecting airways from particulate matter via droplets or aerosols will prevent infection. Contamination through the mouth and nose allows the virus to enter. Hence, using a mask that can filter out 95 per cent of particles is more preventive than using general one-layer or two-layer masks. That’s how N-95 masks get popularised among people with COVID-19 fear.

When compared to other face masks, N-95 masks can prevent 95 per cent small particles, including bacteria, as well as viruses. The masks comprise elastic bands that give support to your face for holding the mask tightly. Almost every N-95 mask manufacturer in India offers different types of N-95 masks, and some even consist of exhalation valve. These valves help in breathing fresh air. The reason why people should buy N-95 masks for as COVID-19 protection (even when N-99 masks are available to you) is they offer more ease of breathing.

Things to Consider before Buying an N-95 Mask

Before you buy the mask after comparing the N-95 mask price in NCR, knowing these fundamentals becomes a necessity. So, let’s see what you should know before buying an N-95 mask:

  • The Right Time to Throw Away Your Mask

When you practice an extended use of these masks, the maximum extension you can do is between 8 and 12 hours. As far as medical recommendations are concerned, one should not wear these masks multiple times for different work shifts. You can only reuse it for a particular extended time. These must never be removed and discarded before having your meals or taking some restroom breaks.

  • The Right Time to Wash Your Mask

The right time to wash these masks depends primarily on its design. Some N-95 masks are strictly advised not to wash because it would damage the filters. One can wash the outer layer of these masks upon removing the filter. Upon buying the mask, do check the packaging to know the instructions.

Prevention is better than cure, and there is no better substitute for personal protection than staying at home and maintaining physical distancing. Even if you go out of your house, use an N-95 mask, and protect yourself.