Detailed PPE Kit Buying Guide with Do’s and Don’ts

For medical assistance working in a COVID-19 ward, it seems like a war zone. And, now, with nationwide lockdown almost (and apparently) coming to an end, the spread of the disease is expected to grow. The only thing that people are left with is to fight against the pandemic with protective measures. Indeed, the war has not ended despite the reopening of some public and private sectors.

Given that the use of personal protective equipment or PPE has become an emotive and important subject, the PPE kit manufacturers in NCR are offering protective equipment to fight against the deadly disease.

How is PPE Kit Helping People to Step out of Their with Protection?

The COVID-19 cases are gradually increasing at a fast pace. Now, it becomes essential to seek protective measures and stop community transmissions. PPE does not only have new meanings in the lives of healthcare professionals working with COVID-19 patients. But, it also brings new hope for distributors, wholesalers, and corporates, to work with protection and maintain a healthy living.

Stepping out of your house has a whole new definition now. Thanks to the PPE kit manufacturers in India who are keeping the lives of Indians protected. If you are in need of a PPE kit, you require understanding a couple of things, including material, types, sizes, and more.

An Introduction to PPE Kit: What Should be Included?

PPE kit is the protective gear designed for safeguarding the health of workers. What it does is minimizes the exposure to the biological agent and helps individuals to stem further spread of coronavirus. Here are the specific tools that every personal protective equipment manufacturer in India includes in the kit.

  • Surgical Masks (3-ply with nose pin or one can choose n-95 masks)
  • Goggles (for extra protection for eyes)
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Surgical Coverall/Gown (for body protection)
  • Shoe Covers (with extra elastic protection for knee length)
  • Head Covers (or gowns having elastic hoods)
  • Disposable Bag for Waste Handling

Some Dos before Choosing the Most Effective PPE Kit

To ensure that you have the personal protective equipment in India, you need to determine the right choice. Given below are the things you should perform:

  • If you want to purchase a PPE Kit for multiple usages, ensure it is reusable
  • The PPE Kit should be WHO-certified to ensure utmost safety
  • Choose either a PPE gown Velcro or the one with buttons
  • Ensure the time to be worn
  • Go through the sizing chart (if any)
  • Look for proper shoe covers and hand gloves
  • Consider comparing each PPE kit price in India

Some Don’ts While Buying a PPE Kit

  • Do not use the PPE kit before sanitizing yourself properly
  • Do not use bare hands to remove any of the PPE equipment
  • Do not use a surgical mask more than twice (you can use it for essential tasks like visiting grocery shop or buying medicine)

Hopefully, the world will sing merrier songs and witness new sunny days after the closure of this pandemic. Until then, leaving your house means staying protected with your personal protection equipment.