PPE Kits

PPE Kits

PPE Kits

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NVS PPE Kits are made from world class spun bond non-woven fabric along with quality products such as 500 microns face shield or eye protection googles. Given the use of PPE kits have increased drastically in the fight against COVID-NVS PPE kits comes as reliable product when it is the matter of ultimate safety.


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Spun Bond Non Woven Fabric 70/90 GSM
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NVS Surgicals
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PPE Kit To Fight Against Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The demand for PPE kits has risen globe-wide due to the sudden and unforeseen collapse of coronavirus disease and the vast population it has impacted. masksandmore.in is dedicated to produce and make available as many PPE kits to assist and take care of frontline workers who are supporting people affected and trying to battle this virus.

Within two months of the coronavirus outbreak, India began to manufacture PPE kits. That was the time when COVID-19 cases were on the rise, and on the frontline coping with the pandemic, there was a need to import PPE kits for healthcare staff. Gradually, many PPE kit manufacturers in NCR, India started manufacturing their own PPE kits to keep up with the increasing demand.

A personal protective kit is a set of special equipment you wear to create a barrier between you and the Coronavirus. This barrier reduces the chance of being exposed to and spreading of the Coronavirus. Choosing the right PPE kit is very important as their quality and fit play an important role in determining its efficiency in protecting you from being exposed to viruses and infections. Personal protective equipment (PPE) helps prevent the spread of the virus in the hospital and ensure protection to health care workers and other populations from infections.

Choose the Full Body PPE kits available at masksandmore.in Each Personal Protection Equipment is made of standard and high-quality material to provide maximum protection. PPE must match the individual person correctly to ensure reliability and performance, and we make sure that the best PPE is provided in sizes appropriate for all staff.

Each PPE Kit is made from world-class spun-bond non-woven fabric 70/90 GSM along with quality products such as 500 microns face shield or eye protection goggles. Given the use of PPE, kits have increased dramatically in the fight against COVID-19, NVS Surgicals provide PPE kits at the most reasonable rates.

Protective Equipment (PPE) is most important in preventing transmission of the Coronavirus not only to the doctors but the staff too. Personal protective equipment for Sale in India is making sure that each and every healthcare provider is safe with the use of PPE. PPE kit price in India differs depending upon the number of equipment available in the kit. You can also buy a single piece of equipment as well as the entire kit, prices may vary according to that.

Choose from PPE kits online depending on the need and nature of work. Choose at masksandmore.in providing the sale of good quality PPE kits.